About Us

We are a family-run business who are avid motorcyclists and track-day riders.

Mike grew up in the Isle of Man, after that motorcycles were in his blood. After years in the Finance, Computing and IT Security Distribution Industry Mike decided to bring the professionalism and customer care expected in those industries to the motorcycle world through a new distribution company – Bienvenu Motorsports and their retail arm VeloxRacing

We started Bienvenu Motorsports after purchasing a 2009 R1 and realising that not only did it not perform how a 1000cc bike ought to do, but also the throttle response and engine braking ruined the riding experience.

After researching the issues we found a new company – FTecu Inc- who had a way to resolve the issues, so after negotiating with them to create a customer ECU flash tuning kit we ordered their first set of cables.

Many months of learning the software and then dyno time enabled us to create custom maps for the R1 which then through word of mouth became the cornerstone of VeloxRacing – our renowned Mail-In FlashTune service.

Over the past two years the range of products offered by FTecu has grown and the range of motorcycles covered has too.

For the past 5 years we have ran Bienvenu Motorsports & VeloxRacing as a full-time business, allowing us to add products to the range that we offer – first testing them where we can on our own bikes, as we wouldn’t expect you to buy something that we wouldn’t use ourselves.

We support not only our dealers but the owner community both locally in Jersey through bikes.je and for the Largest European R1 & R6 owners forum – YamahaR.co.uk and are proud to be the only people outside FTecu Inc to be granted access to their online support system to help with worldwide support of customers.

We are now building out a Dealer and Affiliate Referral network across Europe to stock and sell and tune customer bikes; sell and stock our other partners prodcuts, so if you are interested in this exciting opportunity then please give us a call or email mi**@bi******.uk

If you are a product manufacturer looking for a distribution channel and quick route to market leveraging our reseller network then please email mi**@bi******.uk with details on your products.

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